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5 Reasons Your Business Should Have a Roku Channel

The growth of Internet TV, fueled mainly by Roku, has created a new opportunity for your business to be seen AND heard; not just to advertise, but to market and build credibility like never before. Behold the new medium… Roku! Internet video is finally a “real” advertising and marketing option — and with Roku you can now be seen by more people FASTER than ever before.

Until recently the only real opportunity with video has been “traditional” TV advertising. Albeit costly, but most effective and the most expensive form of advertising, there is, and for that reason — it works! It reaches more people than any other medium, and the Law of Large Numbers dictates the more who see it, the more it works.

Let’s face it, embedding video on your website, sharing videos via social media, or on sites like YouTube, et al, is great and it’s what the “social media experts” tell you to do, and for some it works well, but for most, it can be a big time-suck — a few hundred views here and there, for the time and effort, big deal. It’s only working smarter and not harder if there are positive results, positive ROI. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time.

Even if you’re lucky enough to get thousands of views, is it still enough? What does that translate to actual sales or results? Are those thousands of views translating to thousands of website hits or leads? You’re probably not even coming close to the results you’d get with traditional, paid TV advertising. In many cases, newspaper advertising (God rest its soul) might bring you more hits or leads than your Internet videos are.

So what if it’s free — if it’s costing you time and energy, it’s not free.

Right now, Roku is reaching 28 million viewers in the US alone. That’s 28 million people, and millions more worldwide, who spent $49 to $99 on a Roku device to stream Internet television, because they wanted something more than what their normal TV channel options offered— and that number continues to grow, EVERY DAY. Keep in mind, too, that for every Roku device, there are 2 to 3 people watching, on average. Now we’re up to 56 to 84 million people in the US alone.

Twenty years ago, there were less than 8 million people on the Internet. I remember a news report once back in the early 90’s that estimated “three million people” were on the Internet. Today its billions.

Roku, as an operating system or platform for TV — one that turns any TV into an Internet TV — is growing just like the Internet did. It’s showing up in more and more homes and is becoming available on more and more devices. mow5 smart TVs have Roku pre-installed, “Roku Ready.” You have witnessed the birth of a new medium… there was TV, there was the Internet, there was Mobile, and now there’s Roku.

That said, content creators and businesses alike are literally racing to get their content on Roku — to develop “channels” and these new channels are being created and added DAILY. This new frontier has created an amazing opportunity — Internet video can now be seen by more people FASTER than ever before:

Roku’s millions of viewers are HUNGRY for content!

Right now Roku has just over 1,000 “public channels” — those available in it’s Channel Store — and thousands more “private” channels (where you need a special code or link to signup) — but that pales in comparison to the amount of video — and “channels” — on YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc. Your content is literally LOST on those sites, but on Roku it can easily be right out front — in fact, every new channel they add is featured in the New Channels section for several days, resulting in an immediate rush of curious viewers — 10 to 12,000 new viewers your first week is practically guaranteed. When’s the last time you got 12,000 YouTube views in one week?

Roku is more than a video sharing platform, it’s a loyalty-building platform. In order to view your video, people must first “add” your channel — and once they do, if you’re content is compelling enough, they’ll come back again and again, you’re only a click away. A Roku Channel is a video marketing tool like no other.

Already a powerful advertising and marketing tool, as viewership continues to grow, a Roku channel will only become MORE powerful and more effective.

So what does a Roku channel mean for you and your business? Why do you need one ASAP? Here are five good reasons to start your own Roku channel:

  1. Having “your own TV channel” is an instant credibility-builder. You can have your TV show AND your own channel. All of your video in one place for your prospects to view. They can watch your videos and witness your expertise firsthand. They can see your product or service in action. They can watch testimonials from other customers. A static website, a column in a newspaper, a book with your name on it — those are all great credibility-builders, too, but none of them is audio and video in motion, on a TV, playing in the most INTIMATE and susceptible of places — your prospects’ own living rooms.
  2. It’s a video catalog! You can showcase all of your products and/or services in one place, produced as entertainment rather than a “stuffy” video brochure. You can create “shows” around your products and services — i.e., a cooking show to showcase your chef skills or kitchen products.
  3. You can quickly build a loyal following, a community of viewers. Getting “seen” on YouTube or even in social media like Twitter or on Facebook can be a challenge. Getting 1,000 followers or 1,000 likes isn’t as easy as it sounds. Getting 1,000 viewers, on the other hand, is EASY on Roku. In fact, merely launching a new Roku channel practically guarantees you 10 times that in a week, once your channel is added to the Roku Channel Store. Once you get those viewers, keeping them and building a loyal community is as easy as giving them fresh, interesting content as often as you can.
  4. You can reach markets you didn’t even know about. If you market primarily online, it’s easy to develop market bias — often times we begin to think what exists online is ALL there is; it’s all of our markets — what’s reachable anyway. We tend to forget that, at any given moment, millions of people are OFFLINE. Life happens offline, too. In fact, this is why traditional TV advertising is STILL #1 — more people are still watching TV than surfing the ‘net. Sure they have Twitter and Facebook, but they still watch TV. That said, your own Roku channel will extend your REACH — many of your “new” viewers will be people who wouldn’t have otherwise found you online — they’re outside the range of your marketing bias.
  5. Create additional revenue. With your own Roku channel, you can present your own content as well as that of partners — paid partners — or through traditional, paid commercials. Believe it or not, merely adding “other” advertisements, from other businesses to YOUR content, actually brings us back to #1 — building credibility. Those ads will help YOU just as much as the advertisers by lending that “air” of a “real” TV channel to your content. Viewers will know you’re the real deal when they see other companies paying to support your channel.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

I’ve spent the greater part of the last 25 years in advertising and marketing. I’ve stressed the importance of every business needing signs, and business cards, and websites, and social media presence, but never have I seen a more powerful advertising and marketing medium waiting to happen. The Internet TV market — fueled by Roku — is about to EXPLODE.

Your business needs to be there when it happens – Don’t get left behind.

We are at the forefront of developing this technology into the next big advertising and marketing medium. Demand is already high and this technology is still just learning to walk… opportunities abound!